Providing improved image quality during brain tumor resection

SonoClear is an acoustic coupling fluid that reduces image artefacts in ultrasound imaging.

SonoClear® image examples

Using Saline or Ringer as coupling fluid in large resection cavities may create artifacts that reduces the ultrasound image quality. The noise that occur, often at the bottom of resection cavities, is seen as unwanted brightness below the resection cavity in the images above. We are working closely with leading surgeons to solve this problem.

SonoClear reduces image artefacts by mimicking the physical properties of brain tissue.

SonoClear has been used in a Phase 1 clinical trial enrolling 15 patients. A significant improvement of image quality was observed with SonoClear.

– Geirmund Unsgård, Head of Neurosurgery Department at St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim, Norway.

Image with visual parallax effect

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